How important is service in a resort to Sheila C. Johnson?

The service is so important; it’s key. Our staff goes through lots of training, more than once a year. I learned when I bought Innisbrook Resort: The reason why I bought that property was because of the staff. I have never seen a staff that loved a place so much. They’re the ones that convinced me to buy this property, and because they’re so vested in this property, I became vested in them. So, I’ve even done the boss thing before it came on TV, where I switched places, and I remember picking up golf balls in a cage, going all over the golf course picking them up, and people were like, “Is that Mrs. Johnson out there?” But I want them to know that I’ll do the same jobs that they do. I’m not above them. I’m going to treat them with respect, I want them to treat me with respect, and they will treat the resort with respect.

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