What is Stephanie Izard's newest restaurant like?

It’s called Little Goat, but we actually joke that it’s the Supersized Goat. It’s got a bunch of different components. We have a diner that’s supposed to be our version of an East Coast diner. We have 75 menu items; the whole menu is available all day — anything from some egg dishes influenced by various cultures to burgers, sandwiches, suppers. I’m working on our version of shepherd’s pie right now.

So we have the diner and then attached to that is Little Goat Bread. It’s a bread shop. We bake the bread for every burger, sandwich, anything we do in the diner; and then we also sell bread wholesale. We also sell muffins, croissants and conchas — or our version of a concha — different breakfast-y things in the bake shop in the morning. We have a little coffee shop in there as well with Stumptown Coffee. At night, once the bakery/retail section shuts down, it turns into a bar.

And also during the day, that side sells sandwiches. We have four sandwiches and a salad available for takeout every day as well. So it’s sort of like a deli/coffee shop/bar.

Upstairs we have the Little Goat Kitchen. It’s our test kitchen by day, and we also are going to begin cooking classes, and we do private parties up here. It’s meant to be like you’re in my home kitchen. When we do private events, people come in and have snacks in the kitchen and cocktails and just have casual fun, like you’re coming over to my house for dinner type of party.

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