What are Tara Bernerd’s favorite hotels?

When I’m in Paris, I like Hotel Costes because it’s like a velvet jewelry box — you step inside and it has a plush design and is very fabricky. It’s got a lot of sex appeal. It’s a very moody, stylish place, and it’s just got it so right in terms of its bars and restaurants. So I admire Costes.

When I like to escape, some of the big brands are very good in Asia. I like to stay at the Aman in Phuket. I like to travel to Hong Kong enormously, so when I’m out there, sometimes I’ll go for a long weekend. The Aman is very grand. It’s a huge resort, but they’ve really got an Asian style that is so appropriate for them. The one in Phuket is one of the earlier ones. I think now that it’s such a big brand, it gets slightly diluted.

When I’m in New York, I stay at 60 Thompson. Its penthouse there is just fantastic. You’re downtown, and there’s a huge terrace.

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