What are Tara Bernerd’s favorite restaurants?

In London — I will tell you in a heartbeat — it’s the River Café, which is in Hammersmith on the river [Thames]. It’s the restaurant of Ruth Rogers, a very famous American lady who married Lord Rogers, the architect. It has unbelievable food, and there’s a great vibe. In the summer, it’s a London must. Another one of my favorite restaurants is called The Wolseley, which is near the Royal Academy of Art in London. The Wolseley is a fantastic restaurant.

There are so many super restaurants in New York, but I still prefer to go downtown. I think what Nick Jones has done recently with the Soho House is fantastic. I think that’s a great restaurant, and in London, he’s just done something called the Little House.

If you’re in Istanbul and want some breakfast, there’s a very cute restaurant on the river called Happily Ever After. I think for me, one of my reasons I keep working is that I’m so passionate about restaurants and hotels. I love to eat out, and I love to be with friends. I really enjoy the experiences, and if I can be part of building those experiences with those people, I am always honored to do it.

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