How does Thomas Keller define fine dining?

I think fine dining is an experience that is unlike any other experience. That experience really stems from number one, the quality of the service; the quality of that service as it relates to food, as it relates to wine, the quality of the hospitality, the openness, the interaction between the restaurant and the guest at a very refined level. What we want to do is be able to offer a guest an experience that reaches beyond their expectations. Of course we talk about the food and fine dining is about the quality of the food and the quality of the execution. And, of course, with all that comes a specific price tag. To get high quality food and have it executed at a high level requires a large number of staff, sometimes expensive equipment. All these different variables that start to add up as it relates to what an experience like this costs. But fine dining is something that I believe is as strong today as it was 10, 20, 30 years ago, it’s a little different. I think we are a little more gracious than it may have been there; we are certainly a little more accommodating than maybe it has been in the past and we’re certainly more flexible and adaptable. 

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