What is Thomas Keller’s culinary philosophy?

For me, it's really about the ingredients and those ingredients that are coming from our farmers, our fisherman, our gardeners, our foragers and how important those individuals are in what we do and what we are able to prepare for our guests. Some of the farmers and fisherman and gardeners have small businesses and they need the support of the chef; that responsibility is very significant in that relationship and one that I cherish. Some of my purveyors I have known for decades and I cherish those moments and those relationships with them. So, our food philosophy is really based on our ingredients and I think that has pretty much been my philosophy for decades now. Initially, as a young cook, your ambitions overtake some of the fundamentals of who we are as cooks—the nurturing aspect, the relationship building with suppliers—because you want to impress and show off what you can do. That is certainly fun for a period of time, but that time will pass and you'll start to mature and you'll start to realize what the true significance is of what you’re doing and that’s to make people happy.

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