What are Todd English's favorite cities?

Paris, Istanbul, Rome, New York. Istanbul is one of my new favorites — I love the culture, the Turkish food. In a city with 18 million people there’s just so much going on. Paris — it may be the hopeless romantic in me. The French just do it big.

And Rome is up there too, they just get it right. There’s history, there’s culture. And that’s what’s cool, getting to know the local restaurants, the local market. There’s just an aesthetic there, a lifestyle, and it’s a great walking city.

I love New York — what I’ve found is that, when I first started cooking in the city, it was kind of the Upper East Side and everything else and Midtown, and now it’s more about downtown in so many ways. You’ve got SoHo, which has become too much in a few ways, and Meatpacking is getting to be that way but it’s still cool. I love the Lower East Side and the Alphabet City. I’m finding that New York just grows on you — every time you think you’ve seen it all, something happens and you’re like, ‘Wow, that’s so cool.’

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