What is the best trip Todd English ever took?

When I was taping my PBS TV show in South Africa, I went on the safari at Penda. It was amazing because I had my kids with me, and it was really unbelievable. I also took a trip to Spain, where we went to places like Madrid and we had some of the best food, really classic Madrid. And then they took us out to the country, and that’s when I experienced some San Sebastian food, and also a restaurant in Segovia, which is this big farmhouse restaurant, and I forget the name of it. But you sit in the dining room, and there are wood-burning ovens all around you — probably 20 of them — and they’re filled with these little pigs that they roast for four or five hours. So the food came out and we had that, some baby lamb, and all sorts of potatoes and salads and things like that around it — it was unreal.

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