What's Todd English's newest project that he's devoting the most time to?

I spend a lot of time at my Food Hall in New York City. I love the diversity of it, like we designed a pasta station, and you sit at a 40-foot long, 12-foot wide slab of Carerra marble, and on that marble slab is a pasta machine with rollers and with cutters, like the ‘R2-D2’ of pasta makers, and it spits out all these pastas. And next to it is all the stuffing that goes along with it, so you pass it down and then the next process is obviously the cooking and the saucing and the plating, so you see the whole process right in front of you, and it’s pretty cool. So that’s in New York and we’re expanding the Food Hall in New York, but we’re also going to do that at our new Food Hall in Chicago.

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