What do Tom Colicchio's restaurants have in common?

Culturally, they’re the same. And you want it to be the same. The culture of taking care of our employees is number one. We feel that if you don’t take care of your employees, how can you possibly take care of guests? We like to take care of our environment. That’s why we buy as much food as we can that’s organic or from local farmers. We also like to support local farmers because if they’re not being supported, that way of life will disappear and all we’ll have are factory farms.

You want to create the environment where it’s fun for the employees who are working here. You have to keep them motivated. Every day we open wine and taste wine with our staff. We go through the sight, we go through the smell, we go through the taste. They’re going to walk away knowing wine and understanding wine and understanding food and understanding how they go together — these are things that we’re focused on with our staff. And so you try to make that fun. You try to keep everybody involved, and I think that culture will translate to the customer experience. If you’re treating your staff and you’re teaching your staff, they really have no choice because they’re so excited about it that it will transfer over to the guest experience.

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