What are Tom Douglas’ favorite cities?

I’m a big fan of walking cities. So my favorites are San Francisco or Vancouver, British Columbia. Milan is one of my favorite cities, and I think walking around Rome is the coolest thing ever with the historic areas and the ease of which you can get around. New York is a great walking town, and what I love about it is that it has this depth of scale because of its density. In Seattle, if you want to eat Afghan food or Syrian food, you might have two or three options. In New York, you have 10 of each, if not more. The intensity there is just something else.
What I love about San Francisco — and I think it’s as good or better restaurant town than New York — is the organic nature of the service. Every restaurant has Danny Meyer-style service — informed, thoughtful, friendly. That’s just the nature of the restaurants on the West Coast compared to New York. Seattle is also a great walking town — I love this town. I now have 15 different food businesses here.

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