What are Tom Douglas’ favorite hotels?

Grand Hotel et de Milan is fantastic. It’s right near Teatro alla Scala, so right downtown. I’ve been staying in New York recently at The Greenwich Hotel. I like it for a couple of reasons. One is that it’s uniquely quiet, and located in a neighborhood area. I’ve always stayed kind of Midtown, Uptown, but I really like that hotel. I also like the fact that it has kind of a private dining area for people who are staying there — often you get a hotel with a great restaurant and you can’t get in, but here you can sit on the quiet side. It’s got a real fireplace with real wood. As a matter of fact, sometimes it smokes you out of there.
In Seattle, the Hotel Ändra is a terrific spot, and it’s where my restaurant Lola is located. It’s one of the nicer hotels in Seattle. It’s a good scale, maybe 110 rooms. It’s got a modern, Scandinavian design and is very comfy. I send a lot of people there; it’s right in my 'hood, and people just love it.

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