What is Tom Douglas' favorite ingredient?

When I first opened Etta’s, I was opening a seafood restaurant, and Seattle is full of seafood restaurants. I had been invited to be a judge at the Jack Daniel’s World Barbecue Invitational in Lynchburg, Tennessee. And I fell in love with the rub process, what people were using on their ribs, whole hogs and briskets and things. I thought about that with salmon, and I started playing around with it. As my new restaurant opened, I decided that I’d challenge myself. I wanted somebody to say, in the media around here, that we had the best salmon in Seattle. I played around with the idea at Etta’s. Everyone kept asking for the recipe, and it was really the technique that wasn’t normal around here. So we test-marketed these little bags of our rub and sold 3,000 our first summer with it. That was 13 summers ago. Now, I think we have six in production and four sauces.

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