What are Tom Fazio’s favorite golf courses in Jupiter Island, Florida?

I have adopted this golf course called Tequesta Country Club. About five years ago I started talking to some of the people there and I actually offered to do some work for them for free. Over the last five years I have been so involved in this golf course that we have literally changed almost everything — all new tees, new bunkers and greens. We’ve turned the golf course to a golf course that Ernie Els plays often. So I play most of my golf there because it’s a mile from my house. A golf course I did in Vero Beach called Quail Valley is probably one of my favorites — it’s just so atypical for south Florida. South Florida is just dead flat so a typical golf course is too. At Quail Valley I moved three million yards of dirt, so it was more than anybody’s ever moved, probably more anybody will ever move on one 18 hole project. I basically almost made it look like North Carolina and did that solely for the purpose of wanting it to be different.

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