What are Tom Fazio’s favorite restaurants?

Bar none, Peter Luger. I’ll eat steak, French fries and salad. I wont eat any other kind of vegetables. I eat lettuce and dressing. I’m just such a plain eater. For a potential job in Korea, I insisted I would not do it. And they kept calling me and I said no. And finally, I said I’ll consider it but I’m telling you I’m not eating any of your food, I’m not going to dinner with you, I don’t want you insulted. So I take my wife over there and these people have just been the most gracious, nicest, wonderful people, just jumped through hoops, falling over backwards to get me my certain food. My wife says, ‘You are the most ridiculous person. You are so spoiled.’ But that was my deal, I cant eat it. It’s so bad.

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