What does Tom Fazio wear when he travels?

I wear jeans and a Lululemon t-shirt almost all the time. I’m always in sneakers and flip-flops. I buy a pair of boots at Wal-Mart or a pair of construction shoes, and then I’ll either keep them or I just throw them out and when I come back I buy another pair. I don’t travel with them because I don’t want to take the dirty shoes with me back home. So I literally have a pair of boots at every job site or I just buy them on the way in there.
I actually love Lululemon stuff because I think their clothes are made so well. It’s unbelievable because they have all that kind of stuff in the material for sweating and perspiration. They are phenomenal travel clothes because you’re in the same clothes for 24 hours, so it’s well worth the price.

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