What does Tony Abou-Ganim think is an underappreciated spirit?

It's fabulous to see gin get its second coming, if you will. I'm a fan of the Harvey Wallbanger — I know this is going to sound crazy. It's kind of a fun, silly drink. I read somewhere that the Harvey Wallbanger helped spur this resurgence in classic mixology. It’s a drink that goes back to the '70s when people really weren't drinking very well. I understand it's just a simple, fun, refreshing drink but best when made with Galliano.
If I had to pick one drink, I would say the Jack Rose. I'm so happy that the Applejack has stood the test of time, one of the oldest American spirits. I think Applejack is a fabulous product that, within the mixology community, has gotten some love of late. It's one of those cocktails that everyone has the ingredients for. During the quick rise of the apple martini, which I rebelled against (unsuccessfully), but I would try to turn people onto sidecars made with Applejack or the Jack Rose. People always liked it, but they wanted the Jolly Rancher-tasting fluorescent green thing with the maraschino cherry at the bottom. 

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