What does Tony Abou-Ganim think makes a good hotel bar?

A hotel bar should be like someone’s living room. If I’m staying at the hotel, maybe I’ve had a horrific day of travel, maybe my luggage got lost, maybe the room isn’t quite ready, maybe my flight was delayed, maybe there was a long cab line, maybe I haven’t had anything to eat in 12 hours. And there, as I walk in through all of this, is that light at the end of the tunnel: the hotel bar. Once I settle in and have been greeted by the host or hostess and I land on a bar stool, that’s that make-or-break moment where I could just go ballistic, or it could be washed away and made much more pleasant and acceptable by a welcoming bartender. I have that first sip of a perfectly-made martini in an ice cold glass with a beautiful piece of cut lemon peel and the thin lips of the glass against my lips, and it’s just like, "aahhhh." That makes a great hotel bar.

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