Tony Conigliaro

Mixologist, Restaurateur


Known as one of the world’s top mixologists, Tony Conigliaro has opened and run some of the best bars in London. After studying the work of chefs, scientists and perfumers, he’s incorporated various methods in his own drink making. Conigliaro has created some of London’s most memorable cocktails like the Spitfire and Oh Gosh. Before opening his own bar, 69 Colebrooke Row, in North London’s Islington, he worked at top-notch bars, like Isola and Shochu Lounge. In 2005, he co-founded Drink Factory, a consultancy, research and development company. In 2011, he opened The Zetter Townhouse with Mark Sainsbury and Michael Benyan. His first book, Drinks, was published in October 2012, and in November, he opened Le Coq in Paris. He opened a new restaurant, Grain Store, with chef Bruno Loubet, in 2013.