Does Tracy Anderson travel with her clients?

I did two world tours with Madonna and she’s such a hard worker that we’d be in three countries in one day sometimes. When she goes on tour, it’s not like we’re relaxing — we’re working. She’s just a machine.

I’ve traveled with Gwyneth [Paltrow] a lot. I’ve traveled with a lot of my clients. But then I also send my trainers. I’ve got a trainer who went with Jennifer Lopez around South America. I’ve had trainers with Shakira all over the place. I send people everywhere because after I did three years with Madonna, my son had had it. He’s just now over it enough to be like “wow my passport is cool and I did see some cool places.” But for the first year I had him home, he never wanted to leave again. I was nervous that I scarred him, because travel is so wonderful.

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