How does Tracy Anderson stay motivated to work out when she travels?

You have to prepare yourself to be able to do your workout, but stay focused with the program that you’re with. It’s bad to be in a program — especially a program like mine — and then just do the elliptical because it’s sitting in the hotel gym. That’s why I love the convenience of DVDs. I think that if you have a DVD you love, you need to take it and put it on your laptop.

Sometimes new environments can help reenergize. So it’s kind of fun to have your workout in a new environment because you can connect to yourself and to the place more. Sometimes if it’s some place beautiful, it’s a whole new experience. Other times, you’re traveling for business and you’re stuck in a little hotel room. Don’t be afraid to move furniture; don’t be afraid to ask the hotel for help.

But I do think that if you’re traveling someplace that has wonderful hikes or other things you should take advantage of the physical activities that cause you to explore.

I think the worst thing is when you go somewhere amazing and you want it to be a great experience, then you come home and you lost some of your results. And you can lose results quickly. I do not think that anyone should diet while they’re on vacation because one of the best reasons to get your workout in while you’re traveling is so that you can enjoy the food from different cultures and different places.

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