What are Tracy Anderson’s favorite restaurants?

My favorite restaurants are not as exciting as my favorite cities. I love Prime One Twelve in Miami. It’s been on my list for many, many years. There’s not one thing on the menu that lets you down, including the desserts. And if I’m going to go to a steakhouse, I’m really picky from the beginning to the end.

I actually got married at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur and the restaurant there [Sierra Mar Restaurant] is unbelievable. I dream about it sometimes. It is just an amazing restaurant.

La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara. If I have to hit Santa Barbara for any reason go here — it’s like how Giordano’s is for me in Chicago. I had to go to Chicago when Gwyneth [Paltrow] filmed “Contagion” and when the plane hit the ground, I literally called Giordano’s that second and had pizza ready for me.

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