What are Tracy Anderson’s favorite travel destinations?

I love Budapest. I love Prague. I love Bora Bora. I love the Maldives.

I love Paris, and I love the big wonderful kind of fast-moving cities. I also love Vienna too. Prague and Budapest, to me, both had this really kind of magical feeling about them where the architecture is a little bit more mysterious, but in a really magical way. I really loved both of those cities.

I also live in Sag Harbor, N.Y. and in that city there are great shops, but you can’t really tell that they are a Gucci or something like that. In Prague, it’s like that — they really respect the history of the architecture and they don’t allow commercialism to come in and kind of make it their own brand. They really respect the history of the city. The integrity of the city is really intact and the streets are really magical. And I felt the same way in Budapest.

I really love Tokyo as well. When you go to Tokyo, there’s an electricity that is so fierce, yet the people are so lovely that I felt comfortable. But maybe it’s because I am from Indiana so I love that comforting feeling. When I travel I can go and be adventurous but I’m much better off when the people are nice or the atmosphere is cozy.

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