What is Tracy Anderson’s advice for female entrepreneurs?

I love to support other women that are doing something great in business and that are going out there for themselves. I think the biggest thing for anybody who’s an entrepreneur is you have to do something you believe in 100 percent — you can’t be swayed. No one’s advice, no one’s criticism can derail you. Your product, your service or what you’re creating has to be like a family member to you. You have to have something you really believe in and that’s the most important thing.

The second most important thing is that it has to be something you’re passionate about, something that you really love. I think you need to find the perfect temperature of providing for yourself and your family, and loving what you do. You need to love it and realize the commitment that you make because being an entrepreneur takes serious commitment and it takes serious ups and downs. You’ve got to be willing to stand by it in the low times, too.

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