What made Tracy Anderson create her own lifestyle brand?

It’s interesting where I ended up because I never wanted to be in the fitness business — that was never a goal of mine. I was a dancer. There was a need for something in the industry that didn’t exist, and I needed it to be able to do the career I wanted to and it just wasn’t there. So I did it out of a passion to help women who struggle and it initially started with a focus on girls who go to school for dance and don’t have a genetically stickly thin figure. But then when I did my years of research, I realized this problem plagues women of all ages, from all different careers, backgrounds, whatever — this desire to have a body in the best proportion that they can have it in, through exercise and a through a healthy lifestyle. Really it was just a need to help women. It’s that simple.

I’ve been doing it for 13 years — 13 incredibly focused years. When I was pregnant with my first child I shifted my focus. That turned into real research and then years and years of developing the content to support the research, which is no small task. So it’s not like it was a part-time fun thing of mine — it was a mission.

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