What are Tre Wilcox’s favorite cities?

I love visiting Chicago. I love the food scene. I’m very close friends with one of the top chefs in that city; his name is Curtis Duffy, and he runs a restaurant named Grace. He’s a mentor, and I go there often to work with him.

Paris is one of my favorite trips. I love the detail in the food and the etiquette. How much passion they put in the food is just over the top. It’s a real big food-driven city.

Also, I like San Francisco. I have a good time there, and I enjoy that feeling of a very small, small city. It’s only like some seven miles wide — water to water. San Francisco has a good vibe and feel. The restaurants are very energetic. It’s a short drive into Wine Country, which takes you into another part of the area that’s just beautiful. Coming from Dallas, all I see is concrete and glass. So we go out there and just get that “ahhh.” There’s blue sky, mountains, rolling hills — all stuff I don’t get to see in Dallas.

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