What is Tre Wilcox’s next project?

I resigned from Marquee Grill to go back into private chefing. I’ve already started private classes at home, and I’m going to do more. I have a partnership with a market in the city called Central Market, where I’ll be doing continual cooking classes at a lot of its locations. I’ll also be doing some things with other publications and partnerships. Private chefing basically lets me do anything. It’s hard to call up a chef running a restaurant to say, “Hey, can you come over and cook for 10 people on Saturday night?” He’s like, “No! I’m going to be at work.” I fill that void right there. While I’ve been at Marquee Grill in the Park Cities/Highland Park area, there have been a lot of people foaming at the mouth to have me come cook in their home. It’s a very nice experience. I want to do that and take a break.

I’m a single father, and my daughter lives with me. At this age, it’s pretty important that I’m establishing a really strong relationship with her and putting myself as the go-to, number one person before she crosses into teenage life. Restaurant life for a chef makes it very challenging to be engaged with a family or even a significant other. I’m going to go ahead and make that sacrifice for her. I know there will be people who want me to cook for them. That will keep me afloat financially, then looking on down the line, I’ll be moving into my own restaurant.

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