What keeps Tre Wilcox passionate about cooking?

I enjoy people. Some chefs can be really introverted. They want to stay in the kitchen, and then you have other chefs who can’t play the game. You’ve got both kinds. At the end of the day, I like being that chef who comes out to talk to people after he’s been in the kitchen, who demonstrates in front of a group of five or 50 and teaches — that’s the keyword, teaches. I have a passion for cooking and teaching.

My name is Tre, and it’s the catchphrase I use for my cooking concepts — Technique, Recipes and Execution. That’s what my classes are; that’s my philosophy. Cooking is one of those things you’re trying to learn how to do, but you don’t need to learn the recipe. The recipe is a guideline. You do need the guideline for the ingredients you should gather, but there may be some stuff that you don’t like. You don’t like garlic or you’re allergic to shellfish, so that changes your list and that’s your recipe. The technical training of knowing how to make something is really going to make that dish happen. I focus on teaching people the techniques. I like it when people feel like you just gave them something that they can use.

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