What's the best trip Tre Wilcox has ever taken?

I just took one to Italy — it was my second time. I think the person I went with made it great. Instead of staying at one place the whole nine days we were there, we split it up. We stayed closer to the main part of the city of Rome and toured around and saw the Colosseum, churches and the Vatican. We did those touristy things.

On the fourth day, we went out to the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria, which was like a spa-wellness hotel and had fine dining —top-notch everything. We got that pampering treatment on the way out. It was relaxing; it wasn’t a lot of work. Moving around the city and not staying in one place was nice. Then we took day trips on trains and went up to Florence.

Summer is the best time to visit. You can go to places like Florence, where they’re making all the leather and they’re trying to really push their stuff because they’re going to shut down for the next three months. They’re trying to clear their shelves, and there are a lot of specials and sales going on — you can just clean up. That was one of the things I really noticed about a lot of the places we went shopping — you can name the price and they’ll take it because otherwise it’s going to be sitting there. The weather was hot, but that wasn’t any different than where I was coming from in Texas. The food was great; it was very seasonal. The fruit was just ridiculous. There’s no comparison at all to how fruits and vegetables taste over there to here — they are miles apart.

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