What are Trina Turk’s favorite restaurants?

In L.A., we go to The Hungry Cat a lot. It’s in this very nondescript space, but it’s not about the space at all. It’s about the food. It’s in Hollywood, very close to Sunset and Vine. It’s a seafood restaurant, which is why it’s called The Hungry Cat. They have really amazing, freshly made cocktails of all kinds and super-great seafood. For a while, we were looking down upon all these other people we would always see ordering burgers because it’s a seafood restaurant. And then we ordered one, and it is so good. It’s so amazing. Now we understand.
We just recently went to a restaurant in San Francisco called Quince. That was very fancy and had lots of waiters and service and courses and wine pairings, and it was incredible. It was a very elegant room. Obviously, Northern California is very foodie-oriented and it lives up to its billing.
The other two places that are on the favorite restaurants list are on Capri. There’s a restaurant called Le Grottelle that you have to walk up the hill to from the main plaza; it’s a 20- or 30-minute walk. There’s no way to get there except for walking because the cars are fairly limited. It feels kind of rustic. I love that place.
Also on Capri is a place called Da Luigi. It’s down at the beach. You have to hike down the side, and it’s right down on the water. It has an amazing view of the rocks, the Faraglioni rocks. The view is just wow — you can’t believe you’re there having lunch. It’s amazing.
We get takeout from Mozza every Sunday in Los Angeles. My husband, Jonathan [Skow], gets takeout and then we would watch Mad Men. I love Mozza. Sometimes on the weekends we’ll go — you can stand in line without a reservation and then sit at the counter or something.

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