What are Will Guidara’s favorite cities to visit?

My favorite city in the world is Barcelona. I lived in Barcelona about 12 years ago. I think the food is unbelievable, but it’s more than that. There is a spirit that exists there, and it’s definitely rooted in Spain, but it’s distinctively a Barcelona spirit. With the architecture and the beauty of the old city and the beaches and people who are very serious about what they do in terms of cooking and creating unbelievable restaurants — but they have this very free-spirited approach to life.
I also love New Orleans because, for me, it’s about food and music, and New Orleans is one of those cities that just kills it at both. After a week of eating in New Orleans, you need to get a salad somewhere. Think of those big New Orleans brass bands like Rebirth — you see them just walking down the street like a group of unassuming dudes who all of sudden start playing some of the coolest music you’ve ever heard.
If there’s one place in the world like I like going for food it’s Piedmont because I’m a sucker for white truffles. Piedmont in November is just a special place. My favorite wines are barolo, and I literally like anything with white truffles. The cooking there is just rich. In Italy, it’s about making the same pasta every single day and just trying to make it a little bit better each time. While it’s much less exacting than the food in Tokyo, I think there are some similarities.
If you ask chef [Daniel Humm, business partner] what his favorite cities are, you’ll get a difference answer. He likes waking up earlier than I do and likes going on runs, and sometimes I like to stay up a little later than chef does to have one extra cocktail.

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