What are Will Guidara’s favorite hotels?

We end up staying at different hotels a lot of the times when we go back to these places just because I think there’s a lot to learn from hotels in the same way there’s a lot to learn from restaurants. We don’t have a go-to in every city. In London, we like to spoil ourselves sometimes and stay at The Connaught, which as an unbelievable brand of British service. It’s different, but it’s incredible. Those old-school London grand hotels, they’re just awesome and very classic. I always come back from The Connaught inspired somehow by something. For the most part, every other city we go to we’ve never stayed in the same hotel twice.
We did an event at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee. We spent a few extra nights because we hadn’t had a chance to decompress in a very long time. That may be my new favorite place in the entire world. It’s just incredible.

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