What excites Will Guidara most about The NoMad?

What’s important to us at The NoMad is to find balance between an environment that offers excellence and everything that we’ve cultivated over the years at Eleven Madison Park in a really useful, fun, loud, loose way. It’s really fun for me to be able to serve Daniel Humm’s food while listening to the Rolling Stones, and to be able to have a serious restaurant with a 30-cocktail cocktail list. What we’ve tried to do is really cultivate an experience that’s different and that you can really relax within without having to sacrifice any element of quality.
A couple of the other reasons we got so excited about The NoMad is this neighborhood that we’re in — The NoMad is what it’s now being called — and we believe it’s the next great neighborhood in New York. During Prohibition, this is where a lot of the speakeasies were. This was Tin Pan Alley, where the recording industry in America effectively started. It has had, like every neighborhood in New York, its ups and its downs, and we believe with its architecture and its location that it’s an amazing part of an amazing city.
We love the entire concept between the hotel and the restaurant. Back in the day in New York and London, there were these grand hotels. One brand was famous for its cocktails, famous for its restaurant, famous for its hotel rooms, and it was all one identity. You’d walk into this world-within-a-world and you could expect amazing quality and unbridled hospitality. Since then the proliferation of brands in our country has led to a situation where there’s always one restaurant brand and another hotel brand. We wanted to create the grand hotel for our generation, and it was something that we really wanted to be a part of.

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