What are Wolfgang Puck’s favorite restaurants?

When I go to Capri, we go across the strait to Nerano and one of my all-time favorite restaurants is Quattro Passi. I love it because they pick you up from the boat with a little golf cart, drive you up the hills with all these trees and everything around you. It has a fantastic view. And then you walk into the restaurant — you walk into the wine cellar and then up to the restaurant. I know the chef, Antonio Mellino, very well now. And because we go every year, he waits for us in the wine cellar and we have a little glass of champagne or wine and them some little appetizers. Then we go upstairs and have lunch where you have a beautiful view of Capri and the whole Amalfi Coast. And he is a great chef — he has great seafood and he knows the best mozzarella guys in the area.

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