What is involved in Hotel Madeline Telluride's turndown service?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Hotel Madeline Telluride does turndown only by request, and it’s a great way to prepare the room for a restful evening. The first thing they do is replenish any of the hotel toiletries used in the bathroom. Any towels are hung up neatly and all of your toiletries are laid out on a washcloth to middle of the vanity. If you’re using it, your humidifier will be refilled. In the bedroom, they turn the pillows at a 90 degree-angle and fold back the corner of the covers. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel's housekeeping staff will leave treats like dark chocolate, caramel or milk chocolate and bottles of purified water on the bedside table. The lights are dimmed and the curtains are closed. As a last step, the room will be tidied up lightly and TV will be tuned to a hotel station with soft music so you’re ready to relax.

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