Does Blantyre charge any fees?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

State and local sales tax is 11.7 percent and there is an 18 percent service charge in lieu of gratuities.

Melanie Nayer

Your bill from Blantyre will include the regular charges — the room rate, taxes, etc. — though you’ll find an 18 percent gratuity for “service consideration” tacked onto it. That fee pays for housecleaning and butler service. Internet is free and available throughout the entire Boston hotel, including in the spa and fitness center area.

Room rates are based on single or double occupancy, so if you want to pack more people in your room, plan to pay an additional $100 per night per person. When you book your reservation for three or more nights, you’ll be charged a 50 percent deposit. If you cancel your reservation four or more weeks in advance, you’ll have to pay a $100 administration fee but will be refunded your deposit.

While you’ll get chauffeured around the property, you won’t get charged for the rides (although tips are a nice gesture), and in many cases, the staff at the Five-Star luxury hotel will drive you into town or to one of the nearby golf courses, theaters, ski slopes or riding stables for free. Blantyre’s staff is truly at your service and will do just about anything to make your stay as comfortable as possible without additional fees.

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