Does Blantyre offer any vacation packages?

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Blantyre offers vacation packages periodically. Visit the hotel’s website for details.

Melanie Nayer

There are various packages offered at Blantyre throughout the year, and they change seasonally based on events happening around the Berkshires and what the luxury hotel is planning. During the summer months, Blantyre offers various packages centered around the concerts at Tanglewood, home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Check the website for specific details and dates if you’re looking to spend a night out at Tanglewood. One of the popular summer packages at Blantyre coincides with the Tanglewood British Motor Car Festival, an ode to all British cars and motorcycles. It includes a two-night stay in the Main House or Carriage House, a dinner for two in the dining room and two 60-minute spa treatments for $2,500.

During the holidays, Blantyre always offers a New Year’s Eve Celebration package, which includes a dress-to-impress black-tie ball, horse and sleigh rides, and afternoon teas, all for an additional $1,000 to whichever room you book. There are a few other deals offered throughout the year at the Five-Star hotel, but you’ll need to check the website for the latest ones.

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