How is Blantyre decorated for the holidays?

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Blantyre is a Christmas house, featuring a 105-feet Norway spruce outdoors, with thousands of colorful lights. Inside the main hall, there are over 400 Santa Clauses, the Music Room has a theme of golden leaves with cream ribbons and in the conservatory, nearly 100 miniature lit houses from the North Pole are on display.

Melanie Nayer

During the holidays, Blantyre looks like a cross between a Norman Rockwell painting and a scene from The Great Gatsby. As you turn onto Blantyre Road, pass through the welcome gates and drive up the gravel driveway (which will likely be covered in snow), you’ll turn the bend and witness one of New England’s most magical scenes: the Boston hotel at Christmas. As night falls, the estate takes on a near-Gothic look. This makes Blantyre seem even more magical under the snow and icicles that cling to its towers and turrets. Along the outside of the Main House, understated wreaths and lights wrap around columns and line the entrance. Inside the main hall sits a Christmas tree that’s delicately decorated with ornaments, lights and garland. There are presents under the tree — for who, we’re unsure, but be on your best behavior and you might be lucky enough to unwrap one — and beautiful displays of poinsettias and other warm-weather flowers, like deep-purple and dark-red roses. You’ll notice even more holiday lights strung to perfection throughout the luxury hotel, and various trees on the property are adorned with lights.

Head to the skating rink (a frozen-over tennis court) at night, and you’ll be transported to a winter wonderland. Illuminated with candles and decked out with garland and twinkling lights, the outdoor ice rink is one of the simple, but most elegant, treasures at Blantyre. There is a small house and an open fire near the rink to warm up and roast marshmallows. As the holidays approach, you’re likely to see white horses pulling a sleigh through the snow-covered lawns. It looks straight out of a Christmas tale.

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