Is there a jogging route near Blantyre?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

There are numerous jogging routes around and beyond our property. We have various routes mapped out, and there are a core number of joggers within our staff who are always happy to explain routes. As we are in the Berkshire Hills, we can provide routes for all levels of ability.

Melanie Nayer

Forget running on the treadmill in Blantyre’s small gym. Take your workout alfresco. For a daytime jog, simply lace up your shoes and hit the road. The concierge at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel can recommend plenty of trails either on the property or nearby. You can also jog down the gravel road, past the luxury hotel’s entrance gates, and see where the road leads you. Serious runners should bring a pedometer or jogging app to keep track of the mileage. The trails can range from one to 10 miles, depending on which way you turn at various forks in the road. The mountains in the scenic Berkshires offer a beautiful setting for your run.

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