What are five things people should know about Blantyre?

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Tucked into the Berkshires, Blantyre is the kind of hotel that stays with you after you leave and lures you back for future visits. Before booking a room at the luxury hotel, here are a few things you should know.

1. This is not a child-friendly estate by typical standards. While the Five-Star hotel welcomes children ages 12 and older, you’ll want to leave the kids at home, simply to indulge in Blantyre’s romantic and elegant ambiance.

2. You won’t have to worry about breakfast when you stay here. The morning meal — which includes picks like whole-wheat pancakes with lemon-poppy-seed butter, maple syrup and berry compote — is included in your room rate. However, you will have to pay for lunch and dinner à la carte.

3. Don’t expect a sleek, modern hotel; Blantyre outfits itself in romantic and historical décor. You’re staying at an estate that dates back to the 1800s, so you’ll be surrounded with antiques, paintings and furniture that represent that time period and play on Blantyre’s history.

4. The hotel’s remote location in the Berkshires is very private, which means anything you want to do outside of Blantyre will require a car.

5. Blantyre also is not close to the local airports. Depending on where you fly into, you’ll have at least an hour’s drive to the Five-Star luxury hotel. Plus, there is no public transportation nearby, so if you come here, you’ll need to rent or own a car.

Here are five things you should know about Blantyre:

1. Accommodations include eight rooms in the main house, 10 rooms in the Carriage House, and three cottages on the estate. Families and groups can take over the whole property for holidays, celebrations and meetings. We provide excellent corporate facilities. We are only 3 hours from New York City, 2 hours from Boston, and we are halfway between London (England) and L.A.

2. We are a magnificent Elizabethan (Tudor style) estate built in 1902. Our main house was built during the Gilded Age. We hope that a visit to Blantyre evokes the feelings of a gentler, more peaceful time.

3. I have been the proprietress of Blantyre since 1980. The estate was given to me by my parents.

4. We have a world-class wine cellar with more than 15,000 bottles and 2,500 vintages.

5. Our hot chocolate menu is the perfect comfort drink. Each delicious cup is made to order with a choice of the finest chocolates imported from France, Italy and Latin America.

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