What are the bathrooms like in the rooms at Blantyre?

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Step into the marble-floored bathrooms at Blantyre, and you’ll feel as if you’ve started the relaxation portion of your trip. The large footed tubs in each room invite you to soak away your troubles. To make your bath luxurious, each tub comes with amenities like bath salts, washcloths and body gels. The tubs are carved and curved perfectly so your head doesn’t fall to the bottom when you rest your neck against the ledge, and your feet have the perfect perch on the opposite side. Each bathroom also has a standing shower, but the Corner Room in the Main House takes the prize with its walk-in double-steam shower. If you stay in the Corner Room, allow yourself at least an extra half hour of preparation time so you can sit on one of the marble seats in the shower and enjoy some spa-like relaxation in the steam.

The cottages all feature soaking tubs and showers. The Main House and Carriage house also come with separate showers and tubs, except for the Bouquet Room (which just has a double shower) in the former and the Fairlawn Room (a shower-only bathroom) in the latter. Some of the suites in the Carriage House have two bathrooms: one a full bath and shower and the other a half-bath. If you’re staying in the Paterson Suite in the Main House, take a peek behind the white towels and you’ll see a white wicker commode that was once owned by Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.

For a country estate, the water pressure in the showers is outstanding — you almost feel as if you’re standing under a waterfall. But if the bathtub keeps tempting you, indulge in one of our simple pleasures at the luxury hotel: Reserve a room in the Main House and draw yourself a bubble bath in the giant tub around 6 p.m. The pianist will have started playing in the Music Room downstairs, and his melodies linger throughout the house, providing a little musical accompaniment for your soak.

Many of the guest rooms have a separate dressing area that is positioned to the side of the bathroom. The Victorian-style dressing rooms feature antique vanity tables with attached mirrors, and most of the tables have photos under the glass of women from a bygone era dressed in ruffled attire, brimmed hats and ornate jewelry. If the photos make you long for those days, play dress-up with the silver hand mirror and matching horse-bristle brush. Some of the dressing rooms have an oversized chair or lounge chair, offering a perfect place for your partner to wait while you primp.

Half of our accommodations have two bathrooms and many of our guests have told us that this arrangement (two bathrooms) is the secret to a happy marriage. Almost all of our rooms have separate soaking tubs and rainfall showers. Like our rooms, they are all very individual and beautifully appointed. 

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