What are the beds like at Blantyre?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

When you crawl into the plump, fluffy beds at Blantyre, you’ll be as giddy as a kid. During the daytime, the beds are covered in quilts, afghans or hand-stitched throws. The king-sized down pillows are hidden behind matching shams and throw pillows. Underneath the handmade bed covers are Casa del Bianco linens, which are as close to silk as cotton will feel on your skin. The linens are custom made, so you know you’re sleeping on sheets that were handpicked specifically for this bed. At night, the four-poster beds are turned down, revealing a large white down comforter that’s folded back slightly to reveal the sheen of the linens. Many of the beds are set higher than usual above the floor, so you’ll have to fight the urge to run and jump on the king-sized, cotton-ball-looking bed. Word to the wise: It’s hard to muster the motivation to start your day after a night’s sleep in these beds. You’ll be tempted to stay curled up in the bed as long as you’re allowed, and since you’re on vacation, we recommended you do.

The carved four-poster beds are romantically and lusciously draped. Our guests consistently compliment us on the comfort of our mattresses and bedding.

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