What five things should I be sure to pack for a stay at Blantyre?

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For gentlemen, we do maintain a strict jacket and tie policy in the dining room. Guests should pack a bathing suit for the spa and pool. “Whites” in the summer for tennis or croquet. In the winter, it would be wise to pack some winter boots although we do have hiking boots available for guests to use. Ladies should pack their beautiful shoes!

Melanie Nayer

Blantyre is a country estate that sits in Lenox, Mass. It’s an isolated getaway by design, which means you better pack carefully. Before coming to the hotel, be sure to stuff your luggage with the following.

1. Bring along snow boots if you’re staying during the winter months. The Berkshire Mountains is known for getting obscene amounts of snow. You’ll want to enjoy a few walks in the white powder to admire the lovely scenery, so make sure to pack your boots.

2. Men must pack a jacket and tie, and women should pack a nice dress or pantsuit for dinners. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel dates back to the 1800s and retains an air of formality with proper nightly cocktail hours and dinners, so you have to dress the part. If you’re attending a special event, Blantyre will alert you to the dress code.

3. Walking or hiking shoes are ideal if you’re staying during the warm-weather months. The area around the Massachusetts hotel is perfect for taking long walks and enjoying the picturesque New England landscapes, so you’ll need something comfortable to put on your feet.

4. Bring a swimsuit, regardless of what time of year you stay at Blantyre. Whether you want to make use of the pool in the summer or the indoor hot tub in the winter, you’ll need a bathing suit.

5. Thanks to the mini-fridge in the rooms at the luxury hotel, you can bring snacks and keep them fresh. It’s a good idea to bring some nibbles with you, as there is no convenience store or gift shop on the property that sells snacks and amenities. Plus, the country estate is pretty remote, so there isn’t an outside store nearby when you get the munchies, either.

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