What five words would you use to describe the style of Blantyre?

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Blantyre’s historic countryside retreat would inspire Great Gatsby-like descriptions, but we’re going to stick with the five words that best give you a sense of the Five-Star luxury hotel.

1. Elegant. Blantyre oozes elegance. After all, the estate is a sprawling castle complete with turrets. Inside, the French-inspired rooms are filled with rich tapestries, silky fabrics and Fabergé eggs.

2. Formal. You won’t find people walking around in jeans and flip-flops at this Five-Star hotel; Dockers and golf shirts are about as casual as it gets. Be sure to pack your more dressed-up attire so that you can blend in during the cocktail hour, dinner service and other formal events at Blantyre.

3. Private. If you want to get away, the luxury hotel is the perfect spot to hide out. You’ll have plenty of privacy, since it’s tucked away in the Berkshires among the Appalachian Mountains. The location is so remote, you’ll need a car if you plan to do anything outside of the hotel.

4. Romantic. If Gatsbyesque romance makes you swoon, Blantyre will get you in the mood for love. Whether you take a moonlight stroll through the estate’s pristine gardens, towering trees and hidden trails; sit down to an elegant formal dinner; or sip champagne and listen to tunes in the Music Room, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for romance. However, you’ll find romance right in your room, which is outfitted with a four-poster bed, freshly cut flowers, floral patterns and a roaring fireplace.

5. Relaxing. Despite its formal ambiance, Blantyre invites relaxation. You’ll be able to unwind in the quiet hideaway hotel, though you can also partake in more active pursuits, like swimming in the pool; playing croquet, bocce ball or shuffleboard; or cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

The five words that best describe Blantyre are elegant, romantic, secluded, beautiful and friendly.

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