What is the cancellation policy at Blantyre?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Since Blantyre is a small Massachusetts hotel, and most guests stay for a weekend or longer, rooms sell fast and many repeat visitors snag their favorite ones. Blantyre can accommodate almost any request when it comes to room reservations, which is why it has a four-week cancellation policy. If the cancellation comes before that time, you’ll be refunded your deposit, minus a $100 administration charge. However, if you shorten your stay without four weeks’ notice, you might be charged for cancelled nights, depending on the room occupancy status at Blantyre.

A minimum of four weeks notice is required to refund your deposit for your room at Blantyre, less a $100 administration charge. If you shorten your stay without giving the proper four weeks notice, you will be liable for charges on cancelled evenings. When cancelling within four weeks, deposits may be applied to future stays.

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