What is the design style of Blantyre?

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Turn back the clock to the late 1800s, when grand castles in England and Scotland were surpassing architectural ideas and land was vast and far between each property, and you’ve got Blantyre. The estate was designed after Robert Paterson’s mother’s ancestral home in Blantyre, Scotland. Today, it still embodies the English artistry and Gothic design that made each castle a unique and familial possession. Inside the Main House, the French-inspired rooms sing with rich tapestries, silk-made fabrics and Fabergé eggs. Oil paintings that date back centuries adorn the walls, and fine china with extensive pasts sit in glass-enclosed bookshelves. The dining room is set as a formal affair, much like one that might have taken place in the early 1900s, with exquisite crystal and heirloom china and flatware. Overall, Blantyre resembles a traditional but intensely detailed old English castle, one you might imagine that’s filled with ladies in flowered hats and large ruffled dresses and men in top hats and old-fashioned coattails. But you’ll blend in just fine with a little black dress or nice slacks and a button-down shirt.

The design style at Blantrye is Elizabethan elegance, inspired by the Tudor-style brick and wooden buildings.

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