What kind of Internet and Wi-Fi access is offered throughout Blantyre?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Each guestroom has hardwire Internet connection, as well as Wi-Fi access throughout the property -- from the hammock to the Massachusetts champion maple tree.

Melanie Nayer

Although Blantyre’s Old English mansion hearkens back to the 1800s, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is with the times: Internet access is available throughout the property and is free. If you absolutely have to check email or work online during your stay (and we hope you don’t), then you’ll be thrilled with Blantyre’s Internet connectivity. During our stay, we had full Internet access in the guest room, dining room, salon, music room, on the back porch, in the gardens and even in the fitness center. Though the Massachusetts hotel draws the line at the spa, requesting you leave all electronic devices turned off when you enter. You have to unplug sometime.

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