What wines are served at the bar at Blantyre?

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It’s nearly impossible to name all the hundreds of wines that Blantyre packs in its impressive wine cellar. You’ll find pinots from Oregon, sauvignons from Sonoma, bordeaux from France and plenty of chiantis from Italy. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is continuously rated with a Grand Award from Wine Spectator magazine for its excellent collection. You can test it out: Blantyre’s wine staff features a few different pours for you to try before dinner each night. During the dinner service, you can request a special bottle from the cellar or ask the wine director or sommelier for pairings to accompany your meal. Oenophiles will be delighted with a tour of the cellar, which dates back centuries and houses some of the world’s finest wines, including a $40,000 bottle of Petrus. Look carefully — and don’t touch anything.

The wine cellar at Blantyre spans five climate controlled cellars, housing approximately 17,000 bottles and over 2,500 selections. The wine list has been awarded the Wine Spectator Grand Award, which only 74 restaurants have earned in 2011. Wines by the glass are always a treat to try, such as various Kistler chardonnays, sparkling wines, as well as old and new world blockbusters.

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