What is the dress code at Dining Room at Blantyre?

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Melanie Nayer

Blantyre's rich history still influences the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel today, including the dress code at Dining Room at Blantyre. Feel free to show up for breakfast and lunch in the Dining Room in casual attire, but dinner requires dressing up. Since the 1800s, the Dining Room has welcomed attire ranging from Victorian dresses and top hats to three-piece suits and lace garden dresses. In keeping with years of tradition, Blantyre requires that men dining at the restaurant wear a jacket and tie, and women should dress accordingly.

If you're staying at Blantyre and don't feel like dressing for dinner, Forbes Travel Guide editors suggest you order room service. You can order a dish from the Dining Room at Blantyre menu, as well as wine service from the award-winning wine cellar — and you can enjoy it all in your pajamas.

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