What is the interior design of Dining Room at Blantyre?

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To truly appreciate Dining Room at Blantyre’s unique design, turn back the clock to the late 1800s, when grand castles in England and Scotland were the architectural ideal and open countryside stretched between each property. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel that houses the Dining Room was designed to replicate the original owner’s ancestral home in Blantyre, Scotland, and still embodies the English artistry and Gothic design that made each castle a unique, and familial, possession. Inside the Gilded Age estate, the French-inspired Dining Room is draped with deep red and gold tapestries, grand chandeliers, original artwork, antique furniture, exquisite crystal and heirloom china and flatware. During Blantyre’s wine dinners, the Dining Room sets up one main table to seat 20 people at a time for a formal yet social setting. During regular dinner service, small tables are adorned with candles, silver and flower arrangements, offering a romantic ambiance.

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